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Social Media for Education

This blogĀ  supports the ESCalate e-learning workshop at the University of Leeds.

Specifically the session on Social Media for Education, by Paul Ayres, Education Editor for Intute: Social Sciences who also produce the Internet for Education, a tutorial covering Internet research skills.

The slides from the presentation are available online and are also below:

It includes sections on

The links to all the websites mentioned in the presentation are available via Delicious.


The exercises are intended to let you get to grips with the various tools mentioned in the presentation. It is assumed that you will have access to a web-based email account to register for some of these services.

  • There is one exercise per service
  • Plus an advanced exercise for each
  • And a blog related exercise for each
  • You can start to add to your blog by following the rest of the exercises

… or you are welcome to explore the links available through this blog.


Written by Paul Ayres

March 18, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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