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Audio / Podcasting

What is a podcast?

A podcast is …

  • Audio – videos are more likely to be learning objects and vlogging does not need RSS
  • Regular – one audio file does not constitute a podcast, must have a sense of regularity
  • Syndicated via RSS – otherwise it’s an online audio file that has been possible for years

Podcasting in Plain English

Podcasting in Higher Education

Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes is a UK HEA initiative which aims to explore the use of podcasts in higher education

Podcasting for Learning in Universities is a book detailing a range of case studies on the use of podcasts and provides a model for developing effective podcasts – much of this work grew oput of the IMPALA project.

Potential uses of podcasting

  • Distance learning / self-paced learning
  • Advanced or supplementary material
  • Choice depending on learning style
  • Promotion of research
  • Topical updates related to lecture material
  • Replace the lecture
  • Student assessment and feedback
  • Collecting data in the field

More podcasting tips

A Bakers Dozen of Practical Podcasting Tips – less theory, more practice

Podcasting and Audio in the Social Sciences – overview of key audio resources

My Podcasting Life … or the Reverse Obama Effect – lessons from various podcasting experiments

Podcasts links from Delicious – with an emphasis on podcasting in HE


  • Go to Intute: Social Sciences
  • Search for podcast* and filter your results by subject – try Education
  • Explore some of the recommended sites and try to find a podcast to listen to


Go to the Podcasting for Learning in Universities book support website at:

Click on the Podcasting Model link and explore this podcasting model


Create a new blog post and link to an mp3 file by typing

Open square bracket
Type the word audio
Leave a space
URL of an audio file ending in .mp3
Close square bracket

… but all on one line

More details are available from the Audio support page.


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March 18, 2009 at 1:51 pm

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